Mercedes-Benz Takes Social Distancing Seriously

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The oldest car brand gets the social distancing message.

Mercedes-Benz is often considered the world's first automaker, with the company's founder Karl Benz creating the first automobile, the 1886 Benz Patent-Motorwagen. The 'Mercedes-Benz' name first appeared in 1926, sporting the same three-pointed star surrounded by a circle that we still know today. Sure, the company rarely uses hood ornaments anymore except on a few models like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class but for all intents and purposes, the logo has remained the same for nearly a century... until now.

Automakers everywhere, including Mercedes, have been forced to shut down due to the coronavirus outbreak. Mercedes is helping to fight back by helping to build CPAP breathing machines and the German automaker also wants to promote the social distancing message.


In recent weeks, several companies have altered their logos to promote social distancing. Audi acted first by separating its four-ring logo and its parent company Volkswagen distanced the 'V' and 'W' from its logo. Outside of the automotive industry, even McDonalds has detached its world-famous golden arches.

Mercedes has taken its own approach to convey the social distancing message by shrinking the three-pointed star so it no longer touches the surrounding circle. The company has even changed its profile picture on Facebook to this new logo without any caption or explanation given. Just from the image, people know Mercedes is sharing the message about social distancing.

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We'll be honest, moves like this likely won't do much to stop the spread of the coronavirus but if each company does their part by keeping factories closed and helping to fill the shortage of critical medical equipment, we may be able to shorten the amount of time spent social distancing. As of this writing, the new Mercedes logo has garnered over 156,000 likes on Facebook and over 2,000 shares. During this pandemic, Mercedes is one of the few auto manufacturers that does not require any government assistance to stay afloat.


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