Mercedes-Benz Tipped To Name Electric Brand MEQ


Trademark applications suggest the MEQ name could be used.

As we recently reported, Mercedes-Benz is jumping into the deep end with its brand new electric car sub-brand. Ever since the news leaked that Mercedes electric cars would be sold under a completely separate brand name, car sleuths have been working overtime to try and come up with any evidence as to what the brand will be called. Now, according to AutoExpress, we have our first clue, as the British publication reports the new brand will fall under the moniker of MEQ.

While the overall name of the brand will be MEQ, each model will receive a prefix designation of EQ. So, for example the models would be named EQA, EQB or EQC. The news of the name comes after Daimler filed for several trademarks that involved the MEQ and EQ branding. Other slogans and terms that were trademarked include EQ boost, EQ inside and Generation MEQ. These terms and phrases will likely be used in marketing material when the brand is launched as opposed to on vehicles themselves. They could also be used to classify features within a vehicle. The report goes on to state that a Mercedes spokesperson denied any knowledge of the trademarks.

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While Mercedes may be publicly filing for electric vehicle related trademarks, perhaps it isn't quite ready to reveal its plans to the world quite yet. Considering the competitive arena it will be stepping into once the brand launches, we can understand why it might want to have everything perfect before going public.