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Mercedes-Benz Unveils New and Helpfully Less Confusing Nomenclature Structure

That old system must have been driving those Germans nuts.

The tendency among German luxury automakers to use only alphanumeric nomenclature for their cars makes for model names that are - in theory - very easy to understand. But once the automaker strays from this system a bit, the whole thing can become a jumbled mess. This is why Mercedes-Benz has announced a new naming system, intended to clear up any confusion about any given vehicle's purpose.

This restructuring mainly focuses on the company's line of SUVs. The G-Class will keep its name, but the rest of the lineup now has a third letter, which corresponds to a sedan class letter, designating size. There will also be a lower-case letter added to the end of several models. A “d” will designate diesel, an “h” hybrid, “f” for fuel cell, “e” for electric and “c” for compressed natural gas. Gasoline vehicles won't get a lower-case designator. This might all look a bit complicated right now, but we expect (and Mercedes hopes) that this will all get a lot easier to keep straight once you get used to it.

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