Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX Just Smashed Its Own EV Range Record

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Tesla? Lucid? Nope, there's a new range king in town. And it keeps driving further and further.

The range of an electric vehicle is a huge concern for a lot of buyers. It's the whole reason we did a road trip in a Mercedes EQS, proving that for some EV cars, range anxiety is in the rearview mirror. Mercedes proved that point again with its Vision EQXX Concept. Previously, it set a new efficiency record by driving from Stuttgart, Germany to Cassis, France, covering a distance of 621 miles. Now, the Vision EQXX has beaten that target in a big way, going from Stuttgart all the way across the English Channel to Silverstone, UK. The route itself covered 747 miles of real-world conditions, with several unplanned diversions. In all, the Vision EQXX managed a staggering 8.3kWh/62 miles, or 62.13 mi/kWh in good ol' 'Murica units. That's a staggering 406.1 MPGe. The EQS Sedan can't do that.

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Initially, the drivers of the EV concept car had to work around an Autobahn closure, diverting them near Stuttgart. Then, the Vision EQXX crossed the French border at Strasbourg, taking highways all the way to Calais, where the concept boarded the famous Eurotunnel train for the trip into England. That's also the only point at which this vehicle wasn't moving under its own power, something Merc has accounted for in the figures given above.

Once in England, the concept car stopped at the Mercedes Formula 1 team's HQ in Brackley, where some of the F1 and Formula E developers that helped build the car were there to greet it. From there, it made like Eminem, covering an eight-mile journey to Silverstone.

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Formula E driver Nyck de Vries was there to drive it on the track, completing 11 laps at the circuit, and finishing off the last of the Vision's battery reserves on the pit straight. But not before he managed to hit the car's 90 mph top speed.

Below, we've included all of the data on the journey, courtesy of Mercedes itself. The numbers are staggering. Mercedes credits much of these impressive figures to its thermal management, technologies that will make it into future Mercedes-EQ products.

Nearly all of the heat generated by the Vision EQXX is used to put charge back into the battery, leading to very little wasted heat. Across 14 hours of driving, the A/C was on for eight hours, and according to Merc, barely used any energy. The Vision EQXX is only a concept for now, but Mercedes is proving what's possible for the future of EVs.

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