Mercedes-Benz Will Finally Reveal New Infotainment At CES 2018


The new system will likely debut on the new A-Class.

Just last month, Mercedes showed off the interior of its upcoming A-Class, which could be coming to the US for the first time ever. The US essentially got a sexier version of the A-Class in the form of the CLA, but we've always yearned for the A-Class hatchback. Mercedes may end up brining the A-Class over as a sedan instead of a hatchback, but this may not be the most important news about the car's arrival. The biggest news originates from the car's interior, where a new infotainment system will likely make its debut.

The pictures of the A-Class' interior look fantastic, and it appears that this car will add a new infotainment system, replacing the aging COMMAND system. The traditional COMMAND system has used a rotating dial with a press and directional movement. The A-Class looks like it will replace the COMMAND dial with what looks like a touch pad, akin to the current Lexus system. The new system will also have a touchscreen, which can be used directly. Mercedes says that its new system is called the Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX), and it will be shown off at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas from January 9 to the 12.

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The official reveal of the MBUX system will take place on January 9 at a Mercedes press conference. In addition to showing off the new infotainment system, Mercedes will also bring the Concept EQA, Smart Vision EQ fortwo, and the AMG Project One. Interestingly, Mercedes has not given any indication that it will reveal the A-Class in full, so the interior is all that we will see for now. We already love the designs of the latest Mercedes interiors, so this new infotainment system should really help Mercedes keep its lead on the competition.