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Mercedes-Benz Will Start Making Gullwings Once Again

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Well, the parts for them at least.

Old cars are becoming such an important market so it makes sense OEMs want to get a piece of it. Nissan now sells replacement parts for the R32 GT-R, and Jaguar has even rebuilt an entire classic E-Type. Mercedes-Benz wants to ensure the authenticity of its classic cars, so it's classic division will now reproduce parts for the original 300 SL Gullwing. Seeing as pristine examples of the Gullwing can fetch over $4 million at auction, it seems appropriate for Mercedes to invest in keeping these cars true to the factory specification.

Between 1954 and 1957, Mercedes only built 1,400 examples of the SL Gullwing, so replacement parts are very difficult to obtain. This new program should fix this issue. All of the new parts can be ordered from any Mercedes-Benz parts partner, and they aren't what we'd call unreasonably priced. The cheapest part listed is the rear-end center section for 2,975 euros ($3,555) plus paint and labor. The most expensive parts are the rear panels, which cost 14,875 euros ($17,773) each. Each metal component is produced by a certified supplier who uses optimized 3D data from the bodies of original cars. The results are painstakingly accurate.

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Once the parts are made, the supplier finishes them the old-fashioned way: with a wooden mallet. If you can afford to own a classic SL Gullwing, this program should make the ownership experience almost completely pain-free.