Mercedes Bomb-Threats Were Caused by a Jealous Girlfriend

Tried to stop her boyfriend’s alleged affair by shutting down the plant where he works.

A few weeks ago, we told you about a mysterious threatening call that had been phoned in to the Mercedes-Benz plant in Hungary, where the company builds its CLA and B-Class models. It turns out that that first call was followed by two additional bomb threats, all leading to extended closures at the plant and causing extensive damage to the manufacturer. Employees were searched prior to entering their shifts, and the $1.1-billion plant was falling behind schedule.

The final call came in a couple of days ago, and local police finally managed to track down the source (who had actually been calling from her personal phone): a 25-year-old woman who suspected that her boyfriend, a worker at the factory, was having an affair with one of his colleagues. Her thinking was, if the plant were to be closed, he wouldn't get around to cheating on her. The woman is now facing a year imprisonment and three years of probation.

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