Mercedes Caught Testing The SUV We Desperately Want

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Are the rumors finally true?

There have been on and off-again rumors regarding the possibility of a new Mercedes SUV that could potentially compete against the overseas-only Suzuki Jimny. The so-called baby G-Class would not only directly compete against the Suzuki (though it'd presumably cost quite a bit more) but could give the German automaker an opening into an additional SUV size segment. While the smaller G-Class's existence remains a rumor (that even aftermarket tuners like), our spy photographers have just snapped fresh images of an unusual-looking test mule that suggests something concrete is coming.

At first, you might just assume it's a C-Class prototype because, quite obviously, it's wearing an older C-Class body. But why is it riding on a significantly raised suspension?

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The prototype is clearly combustion-powered, evidenced by the exhaust pipe and the fact our photographers heard the sound. That immediately rules out a Smart SUV; the city car brand has already confirmed all future models will be fully electrified. But if this is, in fact, a prototype baby G-Class, then couldn't that potentially cannibalize GLA and GLB sales?

Possibly, but if Mercedes has designed and engineered this mystery model correctly then it shouldn't be a problem. Mercedes wouldn't greenlight a new model if it wasn't certain there was a market for it (X-Class notwithstanding). Sales of the G-Class are also through the roof these days.

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It'd therefore make sense for Mercedes to expand on the G-Class' popularity, only this time the target audience would be younger and less wealthy buyers. Mercedes could easily use the existing MFA2 platform that underpins the GLA, GLB, and A-Class models for a new model. And, like the EQB, there's also the potential for full electrification.

It's too soon to know whether the mystery SUV would be a global model or something regional; we'd like to get confirmation of its existence first. Automakers are always tightlipped on confirming stuff like this until they're ready. So let's hope Mercedes will have some good news for us in the near future.

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