Mercedes Celebrates The End Of The CLS With A Special Edition Americans Can't Have

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What gives, Mercedes?

The Mercedes-Benz CLS isn't an old car, but it seems the swoopy sedan that went on sale in the middle of 2011 is soon to be replaced. Even though it's still one of the most visually distinctive vehicles on sale today, the E-Class-based "four-door coupe" and the shooting brake wagon it spawned are set to be go out of production; presumably with replacements that share the current E's platform on the way in. Before that day comes, though, Mercedes will roll out the CLS Final Editions.

Before you get excited, however, it's worth pointing out the Mercedes-Benz USA has yet to officially state whether these Final Edition models will indeed be brought to the States. Folks here might not mind missing out on this car, as the this run-out isn't actually a dedicated model. Instead, Mercedes-Benz explicitly states in the press release that the Final Edition is actually a specification level that's offered as an optional package. As a result, all of the gear you can find on the Final Edition CLS models (AMG Line exterior and interior trim, tinted windows, sunroof, multicontour leather seats and a nine-speed automatic gearbox, to name but a few features) can all be fitted to nigh-on every other CLS that's currently offered.

As this is a spec level rather than a standalone model, the CLS Final Edition also has the benefit of being available on every engine in the CLS range that isn't assembled by AMG. For sure, the pricing may be a bit steep for an optional extra-if offered in the US and converted straight from Euros it will set you back more than $9,000-and we'd have personally preferred something a bit more outlandish that was on the same lines as the SLS AMG Final Edition, but the new package does keep us content. Plus, it means we can now start looking forward to seeing a hopefully stunning new CLS range at a glitzy motor show launch sooner rather than later.

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