Mercedes CEO Confirms AMG GT Black Series Will Come Soon


The Porsche GT3 RS and Mercedes' own GT R should be shaking.

It seems like just about every automaker has taken a shot at building a Porsche 911 competitor before. Many have come for the crown and all have failed, at least so far. The latest volley on Stuttgart to come from Mercedes is delivered via the AMG GT S, a car that hasn't yet been slapped down just yet by the 911 because it won Motor Trend's "Best Driver's Car" award. However, even after the recent release of the GT R, there are still only three Tri-Star warriors going against all 16 Porsche 911 variants.

With the base Carrera and the hardcore GT3 RS marking the extremes of the range and other models like the Targa tending to the gaps, Porsche basically offers a 911 for everyone. But Mercedes is not stupid. It knew that the AMG GT S could not fight this war alone and that's why CEO Tobias Moers has just leaked a few tidbits of information on additional variants of the AMG GT. Speaking at the release of the GT R at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Moers told the public that a GT4 variant of the GT was on the way to compete with McLaren's own 570S GT4. Further speculation involved a GT and GT S convertible. And what do you know, a convertible AMG GT in full camo has just been spotted by our spy photographers.

Combined, these cars would effectively give the range an additional three models and place the AMG GT in position to fight Porsche's line of convertibles. Expanding on the subject, Moers then confirmed that we would one day see an AMG GT S Black Series. "It won't be here soon because Black Series cars tend to come towards the end of a car's production cycle, but an AMG GT Black is a car we must do," said Moers. As with the convertible, we can't wait to see what 911 combatant Mercedes comes up with to make its own GT R look tame.

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