Mercedes CLC 'Gran Coupe' and C Class Coupe

Let’s make that new C a little more interesting.

Mercedes’ new C Class sedan, introduced atDetroit last month, has already been construed as a ‘baby S Class’ - with Mercdescribing its design as sensual purity." Riding on this new conception,Rm.Design has come out with a sportier, sleeker 4-door coupe inspiration forthe C, much like the 4-Series Gran Coupe is to the BMW 3-Series and the A5Sportback is to the Audi A4. The design language for this liftback is heavilybased on the new Mercedes S Class Coupe, revealed last week.

The design studio has also beat Mercedes in introducing aconcept for the C Class Coupe - also based on the big brother from the S Class.This beautiful rendering of the two-door model should be followed shortly byMercedes’ own production model, as we already know they are planning to offerthe C Class in coupe, wagon and perhaps, convertible editions. This might seemlike a lot for one model, but as we have seen from Audi and BMW, the Germansare happy to milk any of these fat cows for all their worth. And if they takeRm.Design’s advice, this should be a pretty fertile one.

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