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Super-rare supercar available from Arkansas dealership with just 70 miles on the odometer.

Just the other day we brought you a list of our favorite Mercedes-Benz supercars. While more respondents voted for the SLR McLaren than any other in our iPhone poll, coming in a close second was the CLK GTR. A homologation special, Mercedes' racing partner HWA only made 25 roadgoing examples. And of those, only six were roadster versions. Of those only one is known to be in the United States, and now that extremely rare roadster is up for auction on eBay Motors.

With a chassis designed for racing, extreme aerodynamics and a V12 engine enlarged from 6.0 liters to 6.9 by Mercedes' own racing engine manufacturer Ilmor, the CLK GTR is about as extreme as it comes. At the time of its release, the coupe version stood as the most expensive car you could buy with a $1.5 million price tag. This rare example, however, has a buy-it-now price of nearly $2 million, although offers will be considered by Elite Autos LLC out of Jonesboro, Arkansas, of all places. (Thanks to David Parenti for the tip!)

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