Mercedes Concept A Looks Stunning As Compact Convertible

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It arguably looks even better without a roof.

Last month, Mercedes revealed its plans to expand the compact A-Class range with a slew of new models expected to arrive in the next few years. Aimed at younger buyers, the Concept A Sedan had people swooning at the Shanghai Auto Show over its bold new design direction, featuring a clean and creaseless body and a Panamericana grille lifted from AMG. Look past these new design features however, and the Concept A Sedan bares a strong resemblance to the current CLA. But how would the Concept A Sedan look if it dropped its top?

Well, Russian graphic designer Aksyonov Nikita has given us an idea. The resulting renders show a sleek compact convertible that arguably looks even better than its sedan sibling. Like the A Concept, it looks unlike anything seen available in the A-Class, B-Class and CLA models, sporting the same aggressive AMG Panamericana front grille and quirky triangular-shaped headlights seen on the concept. While some render artists let their imaginations run wild and create designs that are far beyond the realm of reality, this one is actually plausible. Mercedes seems to be on mission to cover as many luxury segments as possible, and a swanky A-class convertible isn't that far-fetched.

Reports have already suggested that Mercedes is contemplating releasing an A-class cabriolet to rival the open-top Audi A3 and BMW 2 series, so it could happen. It could even spawn a potent AMG A45 variant, which is an exciting prospect considering the next-gen model is rumored to have over 400-horsepower. Watch this space.

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