Mercedes Could Bring An AMG Performance Variant To Its EQ Range


"It's not impossible that you'll have a fully electric version or an AMG variant of an EQ."

Mercedes-Benz is looking to take the electric car market by storm with its upcoming EQ sub-brand range to rival the BMW i series. So far, the only vehicle that's been revealed is a concept SUV, but six EQ vehicles are rumored to be in development for release between 2018 and 2024, including two sedans and two SUVs. A performance AMG variant isn’t out of the question either, as revealed in an interview published by Autocar. Speaking to Autocar, Mercedes R&D boss Ola Kallenius explained that an all-electric AMG is a distinct possibility.

“I don’t think they are opposite extremes. AMG has always been about driving performance and offering customers a superior experience, but at the same time — and I think this is the sweet spot of AMG — they are cars you can really drive every day. Electrification will find its way into AMG. It’s not impossible that you’ll have a fully electric version or an AMG variant of an EQ,” he said. Mercedes-AMG already has plans to develop an electric supercar of its own, which will act as a spiritual successor to the SLS Electric Drive. Looking back on the SLS, Kallenius sees it as a proof of concept for the future.

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“The SLS Electric Drive was a preview of what the future could look like. That was a research project, a know-how builder for AMG to get our heads around electrification. It’s just a matter of time until we go more and more electric.” Of course, all this experience will come into full fruition with the F1-inspired Project One hybrid hypercar due to be revealed later this year.