Mercedes Drops the C63 Bomb in Paris

Two power variants and two body styles equal near perfection.

Afterrevealing early images of its all-new and newly-named Mercedes-AMG C63 lastweek, Mercedes-Benz has brought its hottest new sedan and wagon to show off at theParis Motor Show. As previously reported, the C63 comes in two flavors: the'base' model, and the C63 S. Tuned to different outputs, both come with thesame 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine, shared with their Mercedes-AMG brother. Inthe C63, this engine will be known as the M177 (instead of M178) due its lackof dry sump oil scavenging.

The base C63 will produce 469 horsepower at 5500, with 479 lb-ft oftorque available between 1750 and 6250 rpm. The upgrade C63 S will furnishcustomers with 503 hp at 5500 rpm, with 515 lb-ft of torque between 1750 and6250 rpm. Both are available in sedan and estate formats, with a minisculedifference in 0-62 mph times between the body styles: the C63 sedan will makethe run in 4.1 seconds, the estate in 4.2, while the C63 S will reach the samespeed in 4 seconds and 4.1 in the estate. Top speed for all models iselectronically limited to 155 mph.

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Mercedes-AMG C63 Sedan
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