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Mercedes Electric Vehicles Won’t Suffer Major Delays Like The Model 3

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Mercedes doesn’t want to be in the same situation Tesla is in right now.

Tesla may have the monopoly on the EV market right now, but it will soon face some stiff competition from more established automakers like Porsche and Mercedes. The automaker may be ambitious, but the Model 3 has so far failed to meet production targets. Unsurprisingly, the electric sedan's multiple delays have caused frustrated customers to demand refunds. Mercedes, however, is adamant its upcoming EV range won't suffer major delays like the Model 3.

A report by German publication Handelsblatt recently claimed the Mercedes EQC will be delayed due to battery shortages and technical problems and will not arrive in showrooms until June 2019, several months later than planned. According to Reuters, a spokesperson from Daimler denied these claims, adding that a specific launch date has not yet been announced for the electric SUV. Handelsblatt also reported that a fully electric version of Mercedes' redesigned S-Class flagship sedan won't be available until 2021, a year after the combustion engine model is due to go on sale, citing unnamed Daimler sources.

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Speaking to Reuters, a Daimler spokesman said that development of a plug-in hybrid version of the new S-Class is going according to plan. "We are on target, there are no delays," he said. As more automakers start developing EVs, battery production could become a bottleneck. Mercedes plans to offer an electrified version of every model it sells by 2022, meaning there will be at least 50 electric or hybrid models in its lineup. Smart, which is also owned by Daimler, will stop offering cars with gasoline engines completely by 2020.