Mercedes EQ A Concept Will Spearhead New EV Generation

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Tesla better watch its back. Mercedes is joining the EV wars.

A year ago this month, Mercedes unveiled the Generation EQ concept at the Paris Motor Show; a preview of its upcoming electric car plans. In Frankfurt, the German carmaker aims to take things even further, with a range of fully electric concepts wearing its "EQ" moniker on show. Teased this week is the Mercedes EQ A concept, which appears strikingly similar to the model introduced in Paris albeit with smaller proportions. The 'A' in the name gives it away as a small A-Class size hatchback, while from what we can see this looks relatively production ready.

The headlights and grille could easily be found on a production car, for example. However Mercedes is remaining tightlipped on the car in the buildup to the show, admitting only that the concept is a "small electric vehicle." An updated version of the Generation EQ concept is also expected to make an appearance in Frankfurt, alongside the recently revealed Smart Vision EQ. What's clear is that Mercedes looks primed to join the EV wars, with a range of emissions-free electric driver cars that will share a platform adaptable to a range of body shapes including SUVs, sedans and hatchbacks. The interior will also doubtless comes packing cutting-edge technology with a 24-inch wide screen display and soft touch controls.

On the EQ SUV concept shown in Paris, two electric motors, one on either axle, powered by a battery in the floor, were said to be capable of 402 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque in its most powerful guise, with a range of up to 310 miles. No word on whether the EQ A concept will retain the same powerplant. We'll have more details as we get closer to the Frankfurt Motor Show, which kicks off September 12.

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