Mercedes Extracts Ridiculous Power From New Downsized Engine Family


It’s hard to hate anything that makes 400 horsepower.

Mercedes has the design, it has the customer base, and it definitely has the weighty brand it needs to launch a handful of entry-level offerings aimed at those millennials that want a luxurious car to drive around but lack the funds to buy the AMG C63 S that we all desire. That’s why the German automaker recently announced plans to push up to eight new front-wheel drive models based off of its upcoming MFA2 (short for Modular Front-wheel drive Architecture) platform out of its factories.

The main piece of information we were lacking on this upcoming set of cars regarded the engines, but thankfully, Autocar reports that it has the scoop on these next-generation units. As expected, the small power plants will see severe downsizing from the current crop of 2.0-liter four-bangers the automaker uses on the CLA and GLA. New to the Mercedes engine family will be the M282, a four-cylinder unit with direct injection and available with either 1.2-liter or 1.4-liter displacements. The smaller engines are designed specifically for transverse application making them specifically suited to MFA2 derivatives, which will include the upcoming CLA, GLA, B-Class, A-Class hatchback and sedan, and a BMW X1-fighter called the GLB.

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For better or for worse, these engines are not likely to be thrown under the hood of larger Mercedes models for fuel efficiency, and that rule applies to hybrids models already supplemented by batteries and capable of using smaller engines. If it looks anything like the stunning concept we saw in Shanghai, the new A-Class will introduce both the AMG GT Concept’s styling, including the Panamericana grille, to the lower tiers of Mercedes’ hierarchy along with a new generation of the 1.6-liter and 2.0-liter M274 engine built using lessons learned forging the smaller M282s. These will get the M260 name, but the motor we’re most excited for is the powerful M133 based off of the 2.0-liter M260s.

M133 will be a tuned and motor that's hand built at the AMG factory in Affalterbach and makes a truly impressive 400 horsepower. Sitting under the hood of the AMG A-45, CLA-45 and GLA-45 4Matic, it should help propel the entire class of small cars to new heights. It’s about time to get excited about what Mercedes is planning for the next few years because from the looks of things, German engineering, Mercedes style, world-renown luxury, and a tempting price will finally come in a single package. Or maybe eight.