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Mercedes Flashes Another Glimpse Of The New CLA

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Look for the new subcompact four-door coupe to launch at CES.

Mercedes-Benz has been steadily expanding and revising the lineup of its smallest cars over the past couple of years, and it's expected to open the next chapter at CES in about a week from now. But before it does, it's dropped another teaser on us.

Depicted in this latest cryptic video is the next-generation CLA – the four-door coupe at the entry level of Benz's product line. And though it doesn't show a whole lot more than the last teaser image released a couple of weeks ago, it does give us a bit more of a glimpse.

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First released back in 2013, the CLA is now the oldest member of Mercedes' subcompact family. The GLA crossover was released the year after, and the the A-Class and B-Class have more recently been replaced altogether.

That hasn't stopped the German automaker from selling a respectable number of the subcompact four-door coupes, which have held respectably at over 20,000 per year over the past four. In fact, despite its age, sales have gone up slightly this year: as of the end of last month, Mercedes had sold 20,848 of them in the United States alone, already (just) surpassing the 20,669 it sold all of last year.

The 1,832 examples it moved last month places the CLA far behind the larger C-Class and E-Class sedans, but just ahead of the flagship S-Class in the automaker's sales charts. Expect the arrival of the new model to boost those numbers further.

The new CLA will have more of a niche to carve out for itself, now that the (more conventionally shaped) A-Class sedan has arrived to sit alongside it. That Daimler has chosen the Consumer Electronics Show to unveil it tells us it'll likely be a high-tech set of wheels, and that apparently starts with the slick headlights highlighted in this brief, fifteen-second clip.