Mercedes G-Class iTempter by Dartz

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Latvian luxury armored SUV-maker has a new tuning label called Gagarin. The G-Class is its maiden voyage into unchartered territory.

Best known for its fully-armored Prombron SUV (a gold chrome version of which stared in "The Dictator") and upholstering its creations in whale foreskin, Dartz hopes to raise its profile even further with a new tuning arm called Gagarin (after cosmonaut Yuri and not the raw-meat wearing singing doll from the US). By its own admission Dartz Motorz' new label is a "f*ckin' unbeatable tuner," something it has attempted to prove with the G-Class iTempter, the company's maiden tuning project.

Fully loaded with 24-inch gold-plated alloys, the iTempter (so called for its excessive use of Apple iPads in the cabin) will be revealed early next month and will be limited to just 12 models, no doubt priced in the high six figures. In the meantime, here are some initial renderings of the black and gold G-Wagen looking typically excessive.

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