Mercedes G-Class Turned Into Epic Portal-Axle Pickup Truck

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It's got way more ground clearance than the stock G63.

The Mercedes-AMG G63 is already considered one of the most formidable stock off-roaders in the world, but Pit26 Motorsports has come up with a custom G-Wagen that is surely one of the ultimate dune bashers.

Whereas tuners like Brabus turn unsuspecting G-Wagens into 900-horsepower rocketships for the street, Pit26 - based in Southern California - has created something that can actually be abused off-road. Unlike the normal G-Class SUV, Pit26 has transformed this beast into a Crew Cab with an open bed, while also extending the chassis by a significant 20 inches.

Using a 2019-2023 AMG G63 or G550 as a base, the process also sees the removal of the bumpers and side steps before the delicate process of cutting the SUV behind the rear seats and removing the rear glass takes place.

Pit24 Motorsports Pit24 Motorsports Pit24 Motorsports Pit24 Motorsports

An upgraded suspension is fitted, and re-geared portal axles improve the vehicle's ground clearance. Custom 2.65-inch Bilstein race performance shocks and coils, new upper/lower control arms, a durable steeing knuckle, and a full lower truss for the rear axle that adds strength and rigidity are all part of the changes.

There are two wheel choices: Pit26 20-inch forged simulated beadlock items or 18-inch Innov8 racing wheels. Thanks to the new portals, the tire size can be increased to an enormous 38 inches, bigger even than the Ford Bronco Raptor's 37-inch tires, with this rubber provided by Toyo. These enhancements add close to nine inches to the stock model's clearance, yet the factory steering geometry and suspension angle are retained. For the record, the standard G63 already has 9.5 inches of maximum ground clearance.

Pit24 Motorsports Pit24 Motorsports Pit24 Motorsports Pit24 Motorsports

A first edition version of this G63 truck comes with accessories like a winch bumper, a roof top tent, a high clearance rear bumper with a full-size spare tire carrier, electric side steps, and dual mountain bike rack mounts. However, customers will be able to tailor the accessories to fit their specific needs. Overall, the boxy, rugged proportions are unlike any other pickup, but the profile does have shades of the Jeep Gladiator about it.

Although upgraded tuning and braking are available, Pit26 says it maintains the original engine specifications and brakes. In the case of the G63, that means you still get a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 delivering 577 horsepower and 627 lb-ft of torque. The extended chassis, larger tires, and other changes will probably reduce the 0-60 time from the stock SUV's 4.5 seconds, though.

Pit24 Motorsports Pit24 Motorsports Pit24 Motorsports Pit24 Motorsports

Not much is said about the interior and no pictures of it were shared, with Pit26 clearly focusing on capability above all else. Besides, if you want a plush G63 cabin, Carlex Design will cater to your needs with its eye-popping G63 Gold & Mint Edition.

"At Pit26 Motorsports, we are continually innovating our designs in order to create customs that don't feel custom," said founder Sammi Shaaya. "We keep everything OEM in the G-Wagen while stretching the vehicle out and engineering everything for an incredible off-road experience down to the individual suspension components. Importantly, each truck is able to handle more weight and offer additional ground clearance."

With the build work taking over 1,100 hours, the modified G63 from Pit26 doesn't come cheaply. This monster pickup starts at $385,000, or over the double the price of a new AMG G63 SUV.

Pit24 Motorsports Pit24 Motorsports Pit24 Motorsports Pit24 Motorsports

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