Mercedes G Wagon Is What Cool Looks Like

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It was designed to cross deserts and mountains, yet still looks at home in the most luxurious locales.

It was developed and first launched in the 1970s and it was an immediate icon. It just dripped with cool and it was easy to picture someone like Steve McQueen behind the wheel of one. The Mercedes-Benz G Wagon has that sort of aura that makes it known there's nothing else quite like it out there, and in the face of more and more SUVs being turned into crossovers, there'll likely be nothing new like it in the future. It can handle any chunk of earth tossed in its way and yet it can still cruise the streets of Monaco in style.

It's evolved over the years and with the launch of the V12-powered G65 AMG as well as the six-wheeled version, it's clear that Mercedes still believes its old G Wagon still has the goods. Watch the guys at XCAR get behind the wheel of the "almost sensible" G350 Bluetec diesel.

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