Mercedes Gets Into The Christmas Spirit With Its Santa Sleigh Configurator


Santa would definitely travel the world in an AMG sleigh.

Mercedes-Benz is getting into the Christmas spirit big time with its new sleigh configurator. The German automaker has built an online customization system to let you build Santa's perfect sleigh. Of course the sleighs and options are all callbacks to the German automaker, such as the Santa G-Class and the optional AMG drive. The configurator itself doesn't offer many options, with users only getting to select their sleigh, color, runners, drive and equipment.

Then again, what more does a sleigh really need? Making your own sleigh takes about five minutes and is a fun way to kill time while waiting for your Christmas turkey to be served. Some of the options are pretty cheeky, especially the AMG ones and the optional equipment. The "navigation system" is especially funny. Check it out for yourself and if you hate Christmas feel free to make a hybrid sleigh with no options. That'll really show Santa.

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