Mercedes GLA 3-Door Actually Looks Pretty Good


The question is: will it ever get built?

The luxury baby SUV segment is something no premium automaker can ignore. Ever since the Range Rover Evoque had its debut a few years back, it's been proven that there are plenty of people out there willing to pay top dollar for a pseudo SUV that doesn't have a lot of interior space or hardcore off-road capabilities. As long as it looks pretty, that's all that counts for many buyers. Mercedes-Benz unveiled its Evoque fighter, the GLA, at Frankfurt last month and the overall response was very positive.

But unlike the Evoque, there's still no three-door GLA on offer. Although that may change at some point down the road, rendering artist Theophilus Chin has jumped the gun here and created some images of his own showcasing the GLA minus a couple of doors. Yes, cargo room is even more limited but the overall design still looks quite good. If Mercedes ends up building it, there will more than likely be plenty of interested parties.

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