Mercedes Goes Back To Using Hood Ornaments On C-Class Facelift

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Souvenir collectors are sure to be happy about this.

Germany's big three automakers have been on a rampage as of late thanks to booming auto sales and a hot (although slowing) auto market. All of this extra cash has helped the seemingly unstoppable forces of Mercedes, BMW, and Volkswagen Automotive Group debut a collection of new models. On the other hand, ballooning lineups mean that design teams are spread thin, and that could be why this Mercedes C-Class our spies caught testing has hardly been touched during its mid-cycle refresh.

BMW pulled the same trick with the 4 Series Life Cycle Impulse where it reworked the headlights and….well, that's about it. Not that the F32 4 Series' design has aged badly, and neither has the current C-Class' looks for that matter. Based heavily on the range-topping S-Class, the C-Class we caught here appears to have new headlights, updated tail lights, and a covered up front bumper, indicating that designers are conjuring a new face up for the baby sedan. At one point, our photographer manage to sneak up and get close up shots of the new headlights, which read, "Multibeam LED." These new lights could be the first in the C-Class family to be powered by a 48 volt system, which will be paired with a number of new engine options.

These four-cylinder and inline-six options, both or which more fuel efficient and powerful. Inside, all bets are off as previous sightings of C-Class Coupe mules have shown a redone interior and a new steering wheel to help keep the cabin modern, a priority for Mercedes now that BMW has updated its 3 Series and that Audi is taking interior decor inspiration from the future. Most interesting to us is the fact that Mercedes seems to have ditched the tactic of embedding the Tri-Star logo in the grille and has instead shifted it to its rightful position as a halo above the hood. It's a look we'd wager souvenir collectors will laud while enthusiasts will be left disappointed. Should have gone with the KERS systems to avoid that.

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