Mercedes GT AMG Will Live For 6 Years

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Then the SLS AMG will return. Seriously.

It has yet to officially debut, but already there are credible reports coming in regarding the future of the upcoming Mercedes-Benz GT AMG. Set to be unveiled this July, the GT AMG (if that's even the final name) will serve as the replacement for the SLS AMG gullwing coupe and convertible. While all of the news is going to be focused on the new sports car, we've heard that Mercedes plans to build it for six years. In other words, production will officially be done by 2020.

If you think about it, that lifespan sounds about right. The SLS AMG debuted in 2010 and lasted until just a few months ago. And if you're wondering what Mercedes plans to do post-GT AMG, well, we happen to have a pretty good idea. Thanks to a new report, the GT AMG will be replaced by a new SLS AMG. Obviously that won't happen until 2020 at the earliest, but Mercedes will supposedly build the new SLS "on an all-new carbon fiber-intensive platform structure." This is still way off, but for now we're looking forward to Mercedes' upcoming Porsche 911 fighter.

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