Mercedes Hard At Work Refreshing Lineup And Building A New AMG GT


Maybe you'll be able to afford the new AMG GT.

Being the world's first automaker means that along with one of the most expansive lineups in the game, Mercedes gets to swing its ego in everyone's faces. Daimler, Mercedes' parent company, did just that in its most recent half-year investor report, where it called itself the "most successful premium manufacturer." Accompanying this humble proclamation was a bit of exciting information about new models slated for release in 2017. First up was the midrange E-Class, which will see a gorgeous wagon that delivers a solid argument for shunning crossovers.

During the presentation, Daimler mentioned how that model will have its rear doors and later, its roof amputated to give us a coupe and convertible, the latter of which will not include the Air Scarf feature. After the two-door variants are out, the E-Class All Terrain Wagon will roll out for those who really do own estates and need off-road ability standard with their E-Class Estate. Following that will be Mercedes' first pickup truck, which will be based off of the Nissan Navara and will likely not make it to the US. Next comes the GLA's facelift, although we thought that it needed a facial rearrangement from the day it first rolled off of the production line. To give it a fresh look, Mercedes will rework the interior and electronic components.

This should help give it semblance to its larger sibling, the GLC. Up next on the refresh list is the Tri-Star's luxury barge, with the S-Class getting some of the E-Class' semi-autonomous capabilities albeit with some upgrades to keep the S more special. Pulses rise after this because a new version of the AMG GT is referenced. Suffixed with a C, we can expect this rendition to be a roadster with the "C" part of its name as a placeholder for "convertible" or as a designation for the cheap entry-level AMG GT. These investor reports are general outlines of company plans and only give rough outlines to the company's future, so for now we'll have to wait and see when each of these models will hit the market. Until then, we'll keep you updated.


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