Mercedes Has A New Reason NOT To Sell The X-Class In The US


Americans love trucks, just sell it here please!

Sometimes we don't understand the choices that car companies make when deciding whether to sell a model in the US. There are many models that we don't get in the US, particularly from the wagon and small pickup truck sectors, and now Mercedes-Benz has another model that won't come stateside. Even though Mercedes will sell its new X-Class pickup truck in Canada, it won't sell it in the pickup truck-obsessed US market. In an interview with Autoblog, Mercedes tried to claim that its X-Class just wasn't big enough to be a success in America.

Mercedes' previous excuse was that the X-Class would not come to the US until the next-generation because it would be hard to sell an unproven model in the US. Now Daimler chief executive Dieter Zetsche says that "In the US, aligning the premium to the midsize is kind of a contradiction because a premium truck is a fullsize truck, therefore we do not see the US market as a relevant market or a suitable market for that truck." Basically, what Zetsche is saying is that Americans will only buy a premium pickup truck if it is fullsized like an F-150, Ram 1500 or Silverado. "If there were opportunity for this product in the US, of course we would go for it," said Zetsche.

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Unfortunately Zetsche, who formerly led Daimler-Chrysler's Chrysler division, claims that "Our research so far tells us [the market is] not there." Obviously Mercedes has done its research, but we simply cannot understand how this truck would not do well in the US. There must be people out there who want a luxury truck with a premium badge. Fullsize trucks like the F-150 are quite cumbersome in some situations, so why wouldn't a smaller truck be a good option? Mercedes could have this segment completely to itself, unless Audi decides to follow through with its pickup truck. We really hope Mercedes changes its mind on this one.

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