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Mercedes Has A Radical New SUV Coming

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Tesla can't own this segment forever.

Mercedes has expanded its crossover lineup recently in two directions: with the GLB, a three-row compact crossover, and the EQC, an all-electric crossover. So what's next? The melding of the two, according to the latest.

Auto Express reports that the German automaker is gearing up to launch a new EQB. The new model is expected to based on the new GLB, retaining its seven-seat configuration, but with an electric powertrain in place of the internal-combustion engine – and design elements to set it apart and carve out an even narrower niche for the Silver Star marque.

The new EQB would be one of ten new all-electric vehicles that Mercedes plans to launch under its new EQ sub-brand in the next few years. The EQC was the first, based closely on the GLC but with an 80-kWh lithium-ion battery pack to deliver 220 miles of electric range (by US EPA standards).

Expect more crossovers and even light commercial vehicles to follow, along with more conventional sedans. The automaker has recently shown a string of electric concepts, including the EQ Silver Arrow speedster, EQA hatchback (ostensibly based on the A-Class), and EQV van (based on the V-Class/Metris).

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Technical details for the EQB are still a ways off, but Auto Express expects it to launch in 2021. In the meantime, the conventionally powered GLB is launching globally with a choice of two gasoline engines and two diesels, offering between 150 horsepower (in the GLB 200d) and 224 (in the GLB 250) to deliver 0-62 times between 9.3 and 6.9 seconds. And with seven seats, it presents a rather unique prospect in the compact luxury crossover segment, really only competing with the Land Rover Discovery Sport in a corner of the market that's currently rather narrow but is sure to expand in coming years.