Mercedes Has Another AMG GT In The Works And You Definitely Can't Have It


That is because this AMG GT is being built for one very special driver.

There has been a lot of news about the Mercedes AMG GT in recent days. Are you sick of it all yet? No? Good, because we have more coming! Mercedes-Benz Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton has expressed interest in building his own version of the AMG GT. Hamilton already owns a Pagani Zonda LH which was spec'd by him and even bares his initials. Hamilton could be placing his order for a one-off AMG GT R LH Series. That doesn't exactly roll off the tongue now does it?

In an interview with Motoring, Hamilton said: "They told me they were doing this project and they'd love me to get involved. They showed me the car and when I first saw it they'd already designed it. I had all these ideas but they couldn't be added to this [GT R] model." Perhaps the GT R might not be the exact car that Hamilton ends up basing his car on. Mercedes could wait for a future Black Series or GT4 version. Hamilton said that he wants the car to "feel as close as possible to what I feel [in an F1 car]," which means tons of downforce. He also said that if he had his way, the car would pack a V12 engine. Lewis Hamilton, we like your style.

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