Mercedes Hopes Star Wars Fans Will Buy The New X-Class


X-Class. X-wing fighter. What's the difference?

For anyone who didn’t already know, this week is the premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Nissan already has an ad campaign up and running, just like it did last year for Rogue One. Nissan Rogue. Rogue One. Get it? Anyway, Mercedes-Benz also wants to take advantage of the publicity the expected blockbuster will be able to provide by attempting to tie-in its new X-Class pickup truck with the fact there are X-wing fighters in the movie. Close enough, right?

For Star Wars fans in the UK, starting this Wednesday at midnight you’ll be seeing ‘Follow,’ a short advert “designed to highlight the exceptional appearance of the Mercedes-Benz pickup, enhancing people, animals, creatures (even monsters) from the very first moment.”

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Put it like this: this advertisement probably wouldn’t work well for an American audience, specifically those who drive pickup trucks. Although there are currently no plans to bring the X-Class stateside, there are rumors Mercedes hasn’t ruled out the idea entirely at some point down the line. But if it were up to us, we’d take a pickup truck from any of Detroit’s Big Three over this. Just our two cents. However, we’d take an X-wing fighter over any land-based vehicle.