Mercedes Is Having Problems Because People Are Buying Too Many AMGs

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This is the same kind of problem as getting hit on too much.

Fuel crisis? Fuel crisis who? According to Mercedes, people love the large and powerful engines that come out of the AMG factory in Affalterbach, Germany, a little too much. The one man, one engine philosophy tends to make it so that AMG engines are some of the best in the world. Even Horatio Pagani uses these mechanical masterpieces in his Zonda and Huayra. The factory has been churning out V8 and V12 engines like hotcakes lately to keep up with the high demand, but its having trouble keeping up.

As a result, Daimler is moving production of its V12 bi-turbo AMG engines to Mannheim, Germany, in February of 2016 while the current Affalterbach factory will switch to being the V8's exclusive builders. This division of production labor is a smart move considering that soon, AMG will be providing Aston Martin with its wonderful V8s, adding to the shortage. Cars like the newest C63 AMG and the AMG GT are driving some of this growth due to their combination of fuel efficiency, power, drama, and sound. This is good news if you have recently ordered an AMG Mercedes because you'll be hooning sooner with an engine that is still masterfully built by only one person.

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