Mercedes Is Making EV Ownership Much Easier

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It solves the biggest electric vehicle problem.

Mercedes' commitment to electrification reached a new stage last month when the German automaker announced it will become an electric-only brand by 2030. Currently, Mercedes sells the EQC, EQA and EQV, and its EV lineup will expand this summer with the launch of the luxury EQS Sedan. Slotting below the EQS, the EQE will also debut at the Munich Motor Show next month. In addition, more than 20 Mercedes will be available as a plug-in hybrid by the end of the year.

To accelerate the adoption of EVs, Mercedes offers two years of free charging at the Electrify America network with the EQS. Now, Mercedes is making EV ownership even easier with its new simple charging solution that eliminates the need to carry multiple charging cables.

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Designed for EV owners who do a lot of driving in an EV and need variable charging options, Mercedes' new Flexible Charging System includes various adapters for household sockets, and industrial sockets, as well as public charging points and wallboxes. Normally, these connections require a separate charging cable, but the adapters can be plugged into Flexible Charging System or the control unit via 'plug and play'. It's an ideal solution, allowing owners to charge their EV at home, in a car park at work, or when traveling with less hassle. A Type 2 connector is integrated into the vehicle end of the charging system and the adapters are plugged in at the adapter separation point.

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Each adapter is automatically detected by the system, which then adjusts the charging power accordingly. At maximum capacity, the Flexible Charging System will charge at 22 kW, but this can be manually adjusted. For safety, integrated temperature sensors in the household adapters prevent overheating.

Compatible with all current and future electric and plug-in hybrid Mercedes models, the Flexible Charging System comes in a high quality case with bundled accessories including a 16-foot extension cable, a security lock and a wall-mounted holder. In Germany, the Flexible Charging System will retail for 1,225 euros ($1,453), but US availability and pricing has not been announced.

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