Mercedes Just Crushed Our Dreams Of An AMG X-Class Pickup


Apparently AMG all the things doesn't really mean all the things.

We know the Mercedes-Benz X-Class isn't coming to the US. What we didn't know was whether or not it will get the AMG treatment abroad. When Motoring posed this question to AMG boss Tobias Moers his answer was straight as any you'll get in the industry. "No, there will be no AMG pickup," he told the Australian outlet. The Aussies were undoubtedly disappointed, as are we. Down under they love fast cars with beds. AMG knows that but unfortunately it's tough to make the case for a souped-up X-Class using just the Australian market.

"Maybe there's a market for such a vehicle in Australia, but not in the overall plan," Moers said. Mercedes wants to play it safe with the X-Class. The company is dipping its toes into a new pool and would rather wade in than dive into the deep end. That's why it's keeping the truck out of the US. The Germans likely fear the bad press that crap sales stateside would bring. That's also why it doesn't want AMG to tune it up so soon. The good news is that the project isn't permanently off the table. When asked about an AMG X-Class, the head of Mercedes, Dieter Zetsche, told Motoring, "You never know. We'll see how the market goes and how this product will be received in the marketplace." Translation: Let us sell the damn thing first and then we'll see.


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