Mercedes Just Set A New Yearly Sales Record With An Entire Month To Spare

2016 was bad for a lot of people, but not the folks in Stuttgart.

At the halfway point of 2016 we wrote about how Mercedes-Benz was having its best sales year ever. Well, now that “best year ever” title is official as the German automaker announced that it has set a record for worldwide sales with one month to spare. A total of 1,893,000 Mercedes were sold in 2016, with the month of December set to add to that figure. The United States makes up a large chunk of that figure with 308,226 sales through November of this year.

Surprisingly the sales leader in the US for November was not an SUV but the C-Class. Right behind it was the GLE SUV, with third place belonging to the all-new E-Class. Mercedes plan to “AMG all the things” has paid dividends in the US, adding 20,135 sales on the year, an increase of 37.4% over 2015. While we sometimes lament the fact that Mercedes makes so many models, we get confused by them all, the automaker’s strategies are working. Filling every niche is leading to more sales, as is offering an AMG version of every single car. The automaker looks primed to add to its worldwide success with the launch of the new X-Class pickup truck. If all goes well the truck should make 2017 another record year for the company.

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