Mercedes Just Showed The Face Of Its Ridiculously Long Maybach Coupe

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And Mercedes shared its name and debut date as well!

Last week Mercedes revealed that it was bringing a veritable yacht to Pebble Beach. The concept car it teased on Twitter was said to be "almost" six meters in length-which means not quite 19 feet. Some outlets have been reporting that this thing will measure 19 feet. Does the word "almost" mean nothing? Anyway, Mercedes has just released another photo of the car along with some new info on it in a Facebook post. It now has a name, the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6, and a debut date, August 18th at Pebble Beach.

The new photo shows the car's face, with the barely there headlights and ultra-skinny mirrors suggesting that this will be a true concept. What's interesting to note is the branding, with the Mercedes Tri-Star logo sitting on the hood right above the Maybach-branded grille. It looks like Maybach won't be a standalone brand which may work in its favor as the Mercedes name is pretty damn powerful. The Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 looks nothing like any other Merc currently on the market, at least not from the front. The elegant grille is a noticeable departure from the automaker's current night sky full of stars design (that's what it looks like to us). The grille looks to be inspired by the Maybach Exelero concept from back in 2005.

The headlights are also a huge departure from the designs on current Mercedes, and indeed all cars in general. But it's not smart to compare this car to any vehicle currently on the market. It has the word "Vision" in its name, which means it will serve as a catalyst for future models. What we're most interested in-and indeed what everyone else probably wants to see-is how Mercedes will manage to keep a car measuring almost 19 feet looking svelte and speedy. Maybach's revival is starting off slowly, but a car like the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 could accelerate the brand's revival if its design is well-received. The world needs more ultra-luxury coupes powered by V12s, so needless to say our expectations for this concept are high.


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