Mercedes Kills Dreams Of An AMG-Badged X-Class To Rival The Raptor

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We're already jealous that foreign markets get the X-Class, but at least we don't have to get too jealous.

Lately, Mercedes' in house AMG department has been like that rich perverted uncle that can't seem to keep his hands off of any waitress that walks by. It's touched everything in the Silver Star lineup, from the lumpy looking GLA to the squared-off G-Class and of course everything in between. There is, however, a new model that will roll out of the factory unharassed AMG. As Cars Guide seems to be reporting, that will be the new X-Class pickup truck.

The news is disappointing for fans of the Ford F-150 Raptor who would have loved to see the Mercedes-badged Nissan Navara get the AMG equivalent-perhaps with chunky off-road tires, a hand built AMG twin-turbo V8, locking differentials, and if we promise to misbehave enough, perhaps even portal axles and a Raptor Baja Mode equivalent-even if the US market would never get its hands on one. Mercedes Vans global boss Volker Mornhinweg was responsible for putting down the rumors, saying, "I think the car is quite impressive already when it comes to styling and so on," he said. "I think the product is not right for V8." Boo hoo, although that indicates nothing in regards to a six-cylinder turbocharged "AMG X43" variant.

Apparently, that's also too much wishful thinking for now, although a future AMG-badged X-Class was not cast into the same pile of assured doubt as the V8. "We won't be bringing in an AMG at this point in time but naturally the headquarters colleagues are very aware of the AMG status and demand," said Mercedes Vans local boss, Diane Tarr. "And for us, let's bring our product into the market, let's consider it, let's get the customer feedback and certainly we will continue to have conversations with headquarters colleagues around an opportunity that may or may not arise." Personally we love the idea. An AMG X-Class, especially one built to rival the F-150 Raptor, is not the most practical vehicle that comes to mind.

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However, AMG has never been known to scrap a product idea because it's too impractical. For now, Mercedes will quell the desire for a flashy pickup truck with parts from the AMG performance parts catalogue. Not like we care or anything, at least not until the X-Class makes landfall in America.

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