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Mercedes Laughs At Idea Of Black Series SUV

2018 New York Auto Show / 2 Comments

No really, it’s ridiculous.

With the debut of the 2019 C63 AMG, Mercedes-Benz has added yet another incredible product to the rapidly expanding reaches of its performance arm. However, the company has no plans to devalue its much-loved Black-Series sub-brand by sticking the mythical badge on the back of a uselessly heavy SUV. AMG boss Tobias Moers was adamant that Black Series would remain in the exclusive domain of two-door cars, reserving the team's high-performance capabilities for cars that are suited to the race track.

"No, no, no, no…never," Moers laughed during an interview with AutoGuide at the 2018 New York International Auto Show, emphatically denouncing the use of the Black Series badge on an SUV. "Black Series is for the racetrack." It's for a similar reason that the company won't pursue another AMG C63 Black Series Coupe. Moers said because the AMG GT now exists it doesn't make much sense to develop a hardcore version of the C63 when a base model AMG GT would still probably run circles around it on the race track thanks to a lighter weight and similar power output. Not to mention costing a similar amount of coin.

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"Black Series is dedicated to two-door cars," he said. "And you know with GT lineup, there's no sense of a C-Class Coupe Black Series." Moers became much less committal when asked about the development of an AMG GT Black Series, a concept the company has quite blatantly flirted with in public on numerous occasions. "GT S Roadster is coming to the market now, and you know, we have in the past something called Black Series, so let's wait and see." His coyness is a good indication that the company is actually working on something, but Moers has already said in the past that the Black Series won't come until late in the GT's production run.