Mercedes Looks Back on its S-Class

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Its lineage can be traced back nearly 60 years, but the Mercedes S-Class has always been the symbol of luxury and innovation.

It was back in 1951 when Mercedes-Benz first launched its S-Class, a car that has always combined top build quality, luxury and innovative features. Every subsequent generation has shown numerous advances in design and safety technology, from the "Pontoon" sedans in 1954 to today's high-tech wonder machine. It wasn't until 1972 that the S-Class name first appeared on the car, but throughout the Seventies the German automaker continued to evolve the car along with new safety features.

Some new items included plastic-coated bumpers integrated into the front and rear aprons that replaced the old chrome units. Despite its large size, Mercedes designed the car to have lower fuel consumption while still being loaded with a host of luxury features. The car's design continued to evolve inside and out and by the Nineties, a sleeker S-Class premiered. Once again it helped to set the luxury car standard even in the face of fresh competition from the likes of Lexus. Later that decade, features like ultrasonic parking and the COMAND driver data system were added. 2005 saw yet another redesign and despite that generation's success, it was outdated in just a few years.

For 2013, an all-new S-Class has arrived and it appears to have once again set a new benchmark in all relevant categories for its segment. To celebrate the long history of the S-Class, Mercedes has released this photo gallery of the car's evolution through the years.

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