Mercedes Looks Back on the Life of AMG

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Quite possibly the best-sounding German engines and exhaust notes.

Have you ever heard the sound of an AMG engine and exhaust in person? If you haven't, get off your ass and do so. It's the sound of magic and gasoline with plenty of lunacy tossed in just for kicks. What started off as a skunks work project being done under the cover of darkness at Mercedes, eventually turned into one of the finest in-house high-performance tuning brands on the planet. While BMW was doing its thing with its "M" brand, Mercedes was also getting down and dirty with engine grease and wrenches.

It wasn't long until customers started making certain demands for their AMG cars to be even more unique than a standard Benz. The AMG crew obliged and look at the results today. Mercedes-AMG just released this new video that takes a look back on AMG's history and the genius engineers behind it.

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