Mercedes Makes the Sprinter Van Cool

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On the outside, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van may come across as a European delivery truck. Tall and narrow, it can get through the streets of Paris and still deliver some UPS documents that were sent to you overnight on time. Besides that and the occasional airport shuttle run, who cares? Now, however, Brilliant Transportation is out to change this belief entirely.

Founded just 13 months ago, Brilliant Transportation with a small fleet of uniquely-equipped Sprinter vans, the company is now the fastest-growing company operating chauffeur-driven Sprinters and mini buses on the East Coast and Los Angeles area. And now, the company has built the ultimate sprinter limo-van. Equipped with four leather seats (instead of rows), two 32-inch flat screens with a DirecTV signal, and an eight-speaker audio setup. Passengers can even block out other occupants through wireless headphones.

Also equipped with Wi-Fi, a color printer, and a hands-free phone system, the company proudly states that "most NBA basketball players can stand up inside with room to spare."

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