Mercedes May Bring A Hot Hatch Stateside Because Money Changes Minds

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Please make this, and the AMG version, happen.

The A-Class is a wonderful car. It's small but still has traditional the Mercedes-Benz feel with its leather and high-quality materials. Journalists drool over its angry cousin, the A45 AMG, because of its performance capabilities. Unfortunately the A-Class isn't in America. Imagine how great of a hit the little hatchback could be in the United States now that hot hatches are all the rage again! Crazy idea, or is it? According to The Detroit Bureau, Mercedes is considering bringing the next-generation A-Class to the US.

That would be awesome, especially considering the hatch's new features. The 2016 A-Class will get adjustable dampers which allows the driver to switch between different driving modes.The report also mentions a manual option, which is exactly what we need more of (seriously). If the A45 AMG ever started terrorizing US roads it would easily compete with the Volkswagen Golf R and Ford's Focus RS. Performance aside, an entry level hatchback would also be a great way for cash-strapped millennials to get into their first Mercedes. For now we'll just have to sit tight and hope the company decides to enter the increasingly crowded US hot hatch market

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