Mercedes May Wait Until 2018 To Debut The AMG GT Black Series


Something something the waiting is the hardest part.

If you've been patiently waiting for Mercedes to debut the uber-hardcore AMG GT Black Series…prepare to keep waiting. AMG CEO Tobias Moers recently sat down with Top Gear Magazine and revealed that the hottest version of the GT would be seen some time in 2018. Why the delay? Well, remember that Moers said a Black Series would debut when he took the wraps off the AMG GT R earlier in the year. However, he did mention that the car wouldn't be seen any time soon as Black Series models typically come at the tail end of a production cycle.

At issue is a problem most automakers would kill to have: How to make an awesome model that everyone loves even better? "Theoretically we're working on a Black Series, putting together all our ideas on what we can do for that car, but I don't just want an overpowered machine," Moers said. The good news is that the chassis can handle more power. The bad news is that a naturally aspirated V8 isn't an option. Rest assured that the time spent baking the AMG GT Black Series will be well spent. The goal is to do something amazing, not just tune the engine and add a few new bits and bobs. "I guess just adding another aero element to the GT R is not enough for a Black Series," AMG's CEO stated flatly.

Tobias Moers, take all the time you need to make this thing a true monster. We have plenty of AMG GTs, and spy videos of the Black Series, to occupy ourselves with until 2018.

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