Mercedes-Maybach Epitomizes Full-Size Luxury At Detroit Auto Show


This is one car you don't want to drive.

After enjoying its world debut in LA, Mercedes has introduced the Maybach S-Class to the Detroit faithful, giving visitors the chance to revel in the opulence of the 190,000-Euro sedan. The model on show boasted a cream leather interior with brushed aluminum trim. Specifically designed to be chauffeur driven, rear passengers are treated to an array of toys, along with innovative safety features including a seat-belt buckle extender and seat cushion airbag, while hand-stitched leather trim, real wood and chrome trim covers every inch of the cabin.

Individual electronically-adjustable rear seats akin to those in the Maybach 57 and 62 models boast backrests that recline by up to 43.5 degrees and cushioned pop-out ottomans ensures the full first-class travel experience. When the front passenger adopts a "chauffeur position," extra legroom is provided at the back, which is ideal when one is knocking back bubbly from the silver-plated champagne flutes while getting an imitation hot stone massage from the chair. Other one-percent essentials include an Air-Balance perfume pack, panoramic sunroof and Burmester 3D stereo. The Mercedes-Maybach S600, powered by a 6.0-liter twin-turbo V12, will launch in the States in April, priced from around $200,000.

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