Mercedes-Maybach EQS SUV Spied Ahead Of 2023 Reveal

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The all-electric luxury SUV will have very subtle differences compared with the regular EQS SUV.

CarBuzz spy photographers have spotted the upcoming Mercedes-Maybach EQS SUV undergoing winter testing in Europe ahead of its 2023 reveal.

Without too much camouflage, we're starting to see the subtle changes the ultra-luxurious model will incorporate to differentiate itself from the regular Mercedes EQS SUV.

In 2018, the Maybach Vision Ultimate Luxury Concept SUV was presented at the Beijing Auto Show, and then last year, the Mercedes-Maybach Concept EQS was shown off at the Munich Motor Show (IAA). Both of these concepts suggested that the Maybach version of the Mercedes EQS all-electric SUV would have a unique design, but based on these new spy shots, it's now clear that the styling changes will be minor indeed.

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The headlights will not be super-slim units; the faux grille will not be enormous enough to rival BMW's worst as initially planned, and the bodywork will mirror the regular EQS.

Disappointed? So are we. Mercedes has revealed several all-electric products under the EQ banner, and all so far have looked broadly the same. That trend is not changing for the upper echelons of society, where a Maybach is considered affordable, so how will one tell the difference between this and a pauper's normal EQS?

The "grille" could have a slightly different design in terms of the graphics emblazoned upon it, and the front bumper appears to do away with the lower side intakes. The rear bumper will also sport a different fake diffuser design.

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Naturally, we can expect distinctive wheels, two-tone paint jobs, and Maybach badges, but it's curious that the Maybach EQS does not appear to be gaining an extra badge on each C-pillar, as is customary for the marque. Inside, it's safe to assume that rear-seat passengers will be enveloped in luxury while those at the front will likely have a massive Hyperscreen to play with.

We can expect a notable difference in the powertrains of the regular EQS and its upmarket Maybach sibling. While the standard version tops out with the EQS 580 4Matic producing 536 horsepower, the Maybach variant could be offered with a 600 version, producing a little more grunt.

We'll have to wait for official specifications - the Maybach EQS SUV is only expected to arrive in 2023 at the earliest - but based on our initial impressions of the styling, the all-electric Maybach SUV will be little more than a regular EQS with prettier paint.

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