Mercedes-Maybach Haute Voiture Is An Extremely Limited Special Edition

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Additional features include Maybach-specific MBUX and a fluffy pillow.

It has been roughly 24 hours since Mercedes-Benz last introduced a new special edition model, which means it's time for a new one.

Thankfully, today's introduction has a bit more flesh around the bone. The Mercedes-AMG Anniversary models have been a bit underwhelming for a performance division celebrating its 55th birthday. They're all style and no added substance.

Today Mercedes-Benz introduced what it says is the new pinnacle of sophisticated luxury, and that means we're dealing with Maybach.

The German brand's new model is called Concept Mercedes-Maybach Haute Voiture, but don't let the "concept" part of the name fool you. According to Mercedes, this is a close-to-production car that previews a new, extremely limited special edition from the Maybach division.

Mercedes-Maybach Mercedes-Maybach Mercedes-Maybach Mercedes-Maybach

Mercedes-Maybach says its latest creation combines the aesthetics and craftsmanship typical of the brand with unusual, fashion-inspired color and material combinations. This is not the first time Mercedes is dipping a toe into the fashion world. It's a well-known sponsor of international fashion events, while the 2017 Maybach 6 Concept gave us our first glance at a car with an haute couture interior.

"The color and equipment concept of the Concept Mercedes-Maybach Haute Voiture has never existed before. We're fusing the art of high fashion and automotive design at the highest level to create something completely new - a true Icon of Excellence," says Gorden Wagener, chief design officer Mercedes-Benz Group AG. "The Concept Mercedes-Maybach Haute Voiture embodies our style of 'Sensual Purity' in a new, extraordinary way. It combines beauty and unexpected, extraordinary details that appeal to all the senses."

Mercedes-Maybach Mercedes-Maybach Mercedes-Maybach

Luckily, we're experts in haute couture - just kidding. We sat close to a sewing machine at a dinner party once, but we're adequately competent in translating marketing jargon into understandable English. Mercedes is saying that it built a car that engages all five senses.

While we're not sure it's a feast for the eyeballs, it is a striking car. The two-tone finish looks swell, with the top half finished in a Dark Nautical Blue, and the lower half painted a light Shimmering Rose. The forged monoblock wheels are also finished in the Dark Nautical Blue, and that's the part we're not quite sure about.

No matter, as Mercedes says the exterior is meant to lure you into the automotive catwalk that is the interior.

Mercedes-Maybach Mercedes-Maybach Mercedes-Maybach Mercedes-Maybach

The interior allows you to use the other four senses. Imagine the feel and smell of the seats, armrests, lower part of the instrument panel, steering wheel, and roof lining; all finished in Crystal White Nappa leather. You can also run your hands across the White Chrome dash inserts with rose gold flowing lines. Further accents in rose gold can be found on the center console and the Mercedes-Maybach badge at the rear.

Mercedes-Maybach intersperses the bright colors with Nautical Blue Nappa leather on the instrument panel, doors, headrests, and headliner. While Mercedes-Maybach has no problem using the most exclusive cows to create the leather, it doesn't go as far as using real fur. The white fur you see here is faux and is used in the door pockets, inlay mats, and the scatter cushion.

Mercedes-Maybach Mercedes-Maybach Mercedes-Maybach Mercedes-Maybach

That's three senses down and two to go. For hearing, you can use the standard MBUX infotainment system, which has an updated operating system with model-specific animations of glittering particles and the Maybach logo. You even get to make your own avatar, which you can dress in a dinner jacket, tailcoat, or evening gown.

As for taste, we're not quite sure. The Mercedes-Maybach team designed barrel bags in two sizes and two outfits to go along with the car. These are all handmade from the same materials used in the vehicle. We suppose you could give the barrel bag a lick if you want, and be sure to let us know how it tasted.

Mercedes-Maybach says the Haute Voiture will be brought to market in early 2023 in strictly limited numbers. There is no indication of price, but you can expect to pay at least a 50 percent premium over and above the standard price of a Mercedes-Maybach S.

Mercedes-Maybach Mercedes-Maybach Mercedes-Maybach Mercedes-Maybach

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