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Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury SUV Concept Leaks Ahead Of Reveal

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And it’s not a Maybach version of the GLS like we were expecting.

Mercedes-Maybach has been teasing a mysterious new luxury SUV concept that will be shown at the Beijing Auto Show next week. Ahead of its reveal, images and details of the concept, called the Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury SUV, have leaked online on Mercedes' own website, of all places. Looks like someone hit the publish button a few days early. CarNewsChina was the first site to share the official images after they were swiftly taken down.

While we were expecting the concept to be a Maybach version of the GLS, the SUV concept looks more like a high-riding luxury sedan. At the front, the Ultimate Luxury SUV seems to be inspired by the stunning Mercedes-Maybach Vision 6 as it sports the same chrome-plated grille, but the least said about its protruding rear-end, the better. If the production model inherits the concept's design, it's safe to say it will look unlike anything else on the road. Leaked images also show the plush interior, which features lots of white leather and wood, as well as a large center console housing a heated tray containing a tea set.

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The top of the dashboard is wrapped in brown leather, while the air vents have the same pattern as the front grille. Leaked information provided by Autocar confirms the Ultimate Luxury SUV is fully electric, with four synchronous motors providing all-wheel drive and a total power output of 738 hp. Top speed is limited to 155 mph, while the engines are powered by an 80 kWh underfloor battery, giving an electric range of around 310 miles. However, CarNewsChina claims the concept is powered by a twin-turbo V8 with at least 500 horsepower. Likewise, the Chinese media outlet claims a production version will arrive in 2020, while Autocar reports it's merely a design study not intended for production.

Details will be confirmed next week when the Meercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury SUV is officially revealed at Beijing alongside the new Mercedes A-Class sedan.