Mercedes Needs To Watch Out: The SL Could Finally Have Some Serious Competition


And it comes from Lexus? Really?

When Lexus revealed the LC500, we were shocked. We did not think that the automaker would actually put the LF-LC into production. Now that the details have been released about the new coupe we think that there may finally be some direct competition for the Mercedes SL. The German luxury convertible hasn't really had a direct competitor from any manufacturer. The LC500 looks poised to steal some sales with its gorgeous looks and 5.0-liter 467-horsepower V8. But the SL still has one big advantage here.

That is a folding roof. Lexus has not announced a roofless version of its new coupe at this time. However, thanks to renderings from Theophilus Chin we can now envision how good this car would look without a top. Yes, the SL just got a much-needed refresh, but we are not sure if it can compete with the fresh lines of the Lexus. Mercedes also has the advantage in power because the SL is offered in two AMG trims that are far more powerful than the Japanese newcomer. Which one of these two has what it takes to be the ultimate personal luxury car of 2016?

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