Mercedes' New AMG E63 S Teases Its Snarling Engine And Epic Drift Mode

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Forget the drift mode, we just want to hear those pops and burbles for the rest of our lives.

Since there is an intermission between volley of the current E63 AMG and BMW M5 and the upcoming generation of the two cars, the war between the two German automakers has gone cold again. Both are buying time to build their new mid-sized sedan hotrods, and to keep the conflict tense, Mercedes just released information on its latest AMG E63 sedan. Scanning the spec sheet it's easy to see that BMW has a lot to worry about.

Although as we know, the figures on paper aren't always an accurate reflection of the real world results.

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Thankfully Mercedes backed up its tough talk with a video so that fans can get an idea as to how the car will look in motion and more importantly, how it will sound at when gunning it on the track. Sporting 4.0-liters and eight cylinders of hot V fury, the AMG E63 S produces 612 horsepower, which as we can see in the video, is more than enough to light up the rear tires with when the car is set to drift mode. Once off the track, it's refreshing to see that the driver can calm the angry hot rod and turn it into a comfortable highway companion at the flick of a switch. When Mercedes releases pricing information for the super sedan, it'll likely be somewhere between astronomical and stratospheric, but so are the AMG E63's capabilities.

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