Mercedes' Newest Interior Was Just Caught Completely Exposed

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Thank God they moved that iPad.

Thanks to the folks over at, we now have our first ever view of what the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class will look like on the inside. Seen for the first time completely uncovered, this interior shows that the German automaker is finally throwing out its old idea of mounting a computer tablet above the dashboard for navigation and other entertainment. Among other changes, these shots reveal a more streamlined dash and plenty of creature comforts. Less excessive than its older brother, the S-Class, but close enough.

Perhaps more importantly, these latest spy shots give us some insight into what Mercedes-Benz plans to do with the interiors of other upcoming models. In some ways, this also represents the E-Class catching up to the updated design language in the S-Class. Aside from the nav screen and dash, other differences in styling cues are minimal, with the instrument cluster and center console remaining essentially unchanged. What remains to be seen is how the new E-Class will treat it rear-seat passengers.

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